Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals He Lost ‘Jack Reacher’ Role To Tom Cruise

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Dwayne Johnson just revealed that he had a shot at playing Tom Cruise’s character in Jack Reacher and our minds are blown.

On Tuesday (April 11), filmmaker Russ Pitts took to Twitter to ask a very interesting question.

“Why isn’t @TheRock Jack Reacher? For real. He’s perfect for the part,” Pitts asked.

Seriously, why isn’t The Rock the action star in Jack Reacher? He is amazing at action roles, looks like a hero, and could definitely pass as Jack Reacher, who has a military background and saves people.

Johnson eventually replied to the tweet explaining that he did in fact have a chance at the role, but he didn’t get it.

“Yup, luv the character,” Johnson tweeted. “Bout 10yrs ago I went after the role, but Cruise got it. Was great motivation for me to always stay hungry.”

What? He actually went out for this epic action-hero movie and didn’t get it? That’s totally wild.

The good news is that Cruise is amazing as Jack Reacher and has become even more iconic for playing the role, so we can overlook Johnson get passed up for it.

Plus, it lead to Johnson focusing even more on his acting career and landing even more amazing roles like the upcoming villain Black Adam in DC Comic’s Shazam!.

Do you think Johnson would’ve made a good Jack Reacher?

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