This ‘Seinfeld’ Star Wants A Role On ‘The Walking Dead’

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Need more George Costanza in your life? Well, Jason Alexander aka George from Seinfeld wants to be on The Walking Dead, so you might get your wish!

In early April, Alexander revealed that he is a BIG fan of the AMC series on Twitter. He even proposed that he get a role on the deadly series, and it’s just such a ridiculous idea that it might work.

“It is time for a celebrity arc on @WalkingDead_AMC. Eugene is a goner,” Alexander tweeted. “I believe a short bald man should be there when he goes.”

OMG, could you imagine Alexander walking around amongst the undead? Dealing with walkers and Negan? It makes no real sense, but for some reason we’d really love to see it.

Fans of course gave their two cents about the possible casting addition sharing funny gifs from Seinfeld and potential poster ideas of Alexander as a character.

See some of our favorites below!

Although fans are seem to be on board, it would be up to AMC to say yay or nay. In fact, the network has responded to Alexander’s tweet and their response is just too funny.

“We’ll pass on that celebrity arc. It’s not you, it’s us. #TWD,” The Walking Dead Twitter account wrote.

This sassy tweet sounds a lot like a throwback to one of George Costanza’s many rejections and breakups on Seinfeld. It’s just the perfect way to let him down easy. Even though Alexander didn’t respond on Twitter to his rejection, we imagine it would’ve been something like this:


Clearly Alexander won’t be making a cameo on TWD anytime soon, but would you be happy if he did? Sound off in the comments below!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this fall.

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