Dear Disney, Please Give Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ The Sequel It Deserves

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Dear Disney,

We really, really, really think you should make a Beauty and the Beast live-action sequel. We know what you’re thinking, “sequels don’t always work.” We agree — but hear us out!

This tale might be as old as time, but there are still more stories that can, and should, be told. For starters, what actually happens after Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast (Dan Stevens) get their so-called happily ever after? Do they live out their days at the castle? Does Belle’s father move in with them? Do they host more grand balls? Questions abound!

With such a successful box office showingBeauty and the Beast has grossed over $1 billion worldwide and earned the title of highest grossing live-action movie musical of all time, there’s no question that fans would be interested in a follow-up. After all, if the Fast & Furious franchise can pull off eight (mostly) super successful films, surely Beauty and the Beast can produce one more for fans to enjoy!

Another reason to create a sequel is that there are SO many storylines that were barely touched upon in the first film. Could you imagine a spinoff of Mrs. Potts and her son Chip? We could! Do you think they will ever drink tea again after being turned into a teapot and a teacup? We’re going with no, but we’d watch a movie to find out for sure.

What about seeing Lumiere and Plumette’s future? They were so in love, and it would make us so happy to see how they spent their lives together in the future.

Plus, who would turn down a spinoff of LeFou’s story? Josh Gad nailed his role as Gaston’s sidekick, and was pretty much the perfect comedic relief throughout the film. We’re all for seeing him get his own standalone film, although we’re pushing for something that includes both Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as well. They were perfect as Belle and the Beast.

There could even be a Beauty and the Beast origin story! Of course, this wouldn’t include magical appliances and house items, but it could show that Belle and the Beast were always destined for one another. The possibilities are truly endless.

The new Beauty and the Beast proved that fairy tales — however classic they may be — can be reimagined in a new (live-action) light. And now that you’ve opened our eyes to this “whole new world,” we can’t help but want to explore it again. So, what do you say? Beauty and the Beast part 2 next year?

A Diehard Disney fan

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