Christian Bale Reveals Whether He’ll Ever Play A Superhero Again After Batman (INTERVIEW)

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It looks the the Dark Knight won’t be rising again.

While Christian Bale’s turn as the caped crusader in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins trilogy continues to be one of his most celebrated performances to date, the actor said it’s unlikely we’ll ever see him dabble in the superhero genre again.

“I think once you’ve played the Dark Knight you can’t really play anything else,” Bale told People’s Choice at the premiere of his new movie The Promise in New York City on Wednesday (April 19). “I don’t think I would want to. He’s the sort of ultimate, really, for me.”


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Instead, the actor is focusing on different dramatic fare like The Promise, an epic saga set in 1914 during the Armenian genocide. Bale plays a journalist in the film, which aims to shed light on the persecution of Armenians during the fall of the Ottoman empire.

“It’s the sort of great unknown genocide in modern history,” Bale told People’s Choice about The Promise, which costars Oscar Isaac and Charlotte Le Bon. “The lack of consequences for this and the fact that nobody was held accountable quite possibly led to many of the consequent genocides that happened.”

Of course, though he may not be ready to don another cape (we'll leave that to Ben Affleck for now), Bale isn't shying away on taking on well-known characters and making them his own. After The Promise, he's slated to bring Bagheera to life in the latest reimagining of The Jungle Book.

Would you like to see Christian Bale play Batman again? Hit the comments and let us know! The Promise arrives in theaters today (Friday, April 21).

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