Drake Bell And John Stamos Are Teaming Up For ‘Fuller House’ Season 3, And Josh Peck Has Officially Been Put On Notice

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In case being an actor and musician wasn’t awesome enough, Drake Bell is a director, too! The former Nickelodeon star is directing an episode of Fuller House season 3 and we are SO excited to see it.

Bell revealed the new gig on Friday (April 21) by posting a picture from the Fuller House set with the one and only Uncle Jesse (aka John Stamos).


“Just finished directing an episode of Fuller House! Giving @JohnStamos some blocking changes,” Bell captioned the photo.

The two actors clearly look like they’re having a heart-to-heart on set and we’re all for it.

So far in his career, the 30-year-old actor has directed three things, including an episode of his show, Drake & Josh, back in 2007, and two TV mini-series, Where’s Walter? and Baby Avengers.

Stamos also posted a picture with Bell, reminding us why we fell in love with the two actors back in the day. Oh, and why good hair on TV can be a reason to bond forever.

“When your childhoods collide! @drakebell on the set of #fullerhouse showing me his eggplant. #DrakeandJohn #WheresJosh ?,” Stamos captioned his funny picture.



Where is Josh Peck? We need to know! In fact, he better make an appearance soon, because if not, there’s a chance Drake and Josh could be replaced by Drake and John.

Bell basically said as much when he posted another picture with Stamos with the caption, “I smell a new show!!! #drakeandjohn.”


While we only know that Bell is directing an episode of the Netflix original series, we have only these two photos to tease what it could be about. With Stamos talking about Peck in the picture, maybe he will make an appearance on the show?

The three actors acted together when Peck and Stamos were on the series Grandfathered and Bell made a cameo, so why can’t it happen again?

Side note: We are all for Bell directing if that’s his passion, but seeing him back on screen on Fuller House wouldn’t be such a bad idea either, even without his Nickelodeon brother… just saying.

Fuller House Season 3 is set to premiere sometime in 2017.

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