This ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Board Game Theory Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

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When it comes to Pretty Little Liars there are always a LOT of theories about what’s actually happening. And with the series heading into its final few episodes, fans are even more determined to figure out how it all might end — and we don’t blame them.

One theory in particular about the series finale is gaining steam. Originally proposed by Reddit user heftyhannabanana, the theory suggests that A.D. is treating the characters as pawns on a board game. Although this doesn’t make sense right away, when you think about it, it could totally work. In fact, since Jenna has already said something about the “end game” beginning, the game board doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Plus, A loved a game, so why not A.D.?

The Reddit user thinks that the entire series has been a board game. Sounds cool, right? That would mean that Mona, Charlotte, Jenna, Noel, and Sarah have all been playing the game with A.D. and doing what the cards (or instructions) say as determined by the dealer (aka A.D.).

The question then becomes are all of these players on Team A.D. like we think, or are they just players in a game that A.D. is controlling? If that’s the case then the Liars are all the pieces on the board that are being manipulated with every roll of the dice.

With the help of fans on Reddit and Bustle’s Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One to the Grave, a lot of good points have been brought up to back up this theory.

One Reddit user talked about the fact that Mona and Charlotte once were literally playing a board game that helped give hints about getting in and out of Radley. Coincidence? We think not.

With all of the moving pieces throughout this series the idea that it could all be a game from start to finish lines up. Plus, there are so many loose ends, which could be accounted for it they were moves on a board game, or random “move two steps forward” kind of moves that are just a means to finishing the game.

What do you think about this board game theory? Has everything been like a twisted game of Monopoly, or Life?

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