The ‘Prison Break’ Revival Just Said Goodbye To An Original Character

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** This post contains spoilers from the April 25th episode of Prison Break: Resurrection. **

The Prison Break revival just said goodbye to an original character – or so it seems.

On Tuesday’s (April 25) episode of Prison Break: Resurrection, former villain turned ally Paul Kellerman (played by Paul Adelstein) met his end during a home invasion.

While Kellerman was only in two episodes of the revival, he was a big part of the original series — appearing in all four seasons.

The character’s death certainly appeared to be final — but Adelstein isn’t quite ready to hang up his prison gear quite yet.

“If I had my druthers, he certainly wouldn’t be [dead],” Adelstein told Entertainment Weekly about his character’s fate.

Of course, when it comes to Prison Break, there is always the chance that someone seems dead — ahem, Michael Scofield — only to come back, so this could definitely be the case with Kellerman.

“Despite the direness of his situation there at the end, it’s Prison Break, and it is a world in which people narrowly escape death and sometimes don’t escape death but still end up reconstituting somehow,” the actor explained. “I certainly hope that if there’s more Prison Break, there’s more Kellerman, because it’s such a joy to do.”

We hope he’s still alive as well, too. We love seeing the series’ original cast back together even for a few episodes, so this death (or possible death) has us reeling.

What do you think about Kellerman getting killed? Who do you think is the actual villain this season?

Prison Break: Resurrection airs on Tuesdays on FOX at 9 p.m.

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