The ‘Descendants 2’ Trailer Is Finally Here And The Villainy Is Off The Charts

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If you’ve been wondering what your favorite villain kids have been up to since we last saw them, then you’re in luck. The official trailer for Descendants 2 is finally here and the VKs (villain kids) are back and better than ever… or are they more wicked?

On Sunday (April 30), The Disney Channel debuted the first real look at Descendants 2 and needless to say, it’s perfect in every way.

So what can we expect from the Descendants sequel? For starters, it’s all about Mal (aka Maleficent’s daughter) played by Dove Cameron.

The trailer begins with Mal talking to reports as she prepares for the royal cotillion. She is after all the most envied girl in Auradon, so life must be perfect right? Wrong! Mal is panicking, because she doesn’t belong there. She misses her evil side!

She then breaks down and heads back to the Isle of the Lost. When she blasts from one world to the other.

The biggest issue is that Uma (aka Ursula’s daughter) is now the reigning villain and Mal is all alone on the island.



Mal’s best friends, of course, come to her rescue. The bad news, however, is that Ben (aka Belle and the Beast’s son… also known as King Ben of Auradon) gets captured by Uma.

“If you want Beast-y boy back, bring me Fairy Godmother’s wand,” Uma tells Mal, who clearly wants to remain queen, even if it means taking on Mal to win the title forever.

But Mal doesn’t have to fight this battle alone. Carlos (aka Cruella De Vil’s son), Jay (aka Jafar’s son), and Evie (aka the Evil Queen’s daughter) all head back to the island to help save the day, because even evil kids have best friends, remember?

“Losing? Not an option, because we’re rotten… to the core,” Mal and Evie say before the trailer ends.

We’re officially counting down until summer hits and this sequel premieres!

Descendants 2 premieres on Disney Channel on July 21, 2017.

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