‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer Is Officially Here

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Stephen King fans have been anxiously waiting to see what the author’s The Dark Tower film adaptation will look like. And now that Sony Pictures has released the official trailer, they can finally find out.

On Tuesday (May 2), Matthew McConaughey — who plays the Man in Black — and Idris Elba — who plays Roland Deschain — teamed up to give fans a little preview of the film. While their hilarious Twitter banter and the resulting 15 second teaser clips they shared were awesome, the actual trailer is even better.

So what can you expect from the tale of gunslinger Roland Deschain as he ventures on the quest to find the Dark Tower and save the world? Lots of epic gun slinging that’s for sure.

Gunslingers were protectors of the coming of the dark, the story begins. Then we hear eerie music before getting a glimpse at a young boy named Lucas in therapy for his visions.

This boy has dreams of seeing the Dark Tower, the gunslinger and the Man in Black. He knows there is another world out there and then he’s transported into it to meet the gunslinger.

The Man in Black wants to destroy the tower in order to end two worlds, the Old West like world where Roland lives, and Earth. Only the gunslinger and the boy can stop that from happening, but it won’t be easy.



We then learn that if the tower falls, everything will be destroyed. The two then go to Earth to do whatever they can to save both realms and keep everyone from falling to the darkness.

Throughout the trailer we see a lot of action sequences, revolving around firing a gun. The coolest part is the final scene when the boy has been taken and Roland focuses on getting him back with one shot.

“I do not shoot with my hand, I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart,” he says. The gun then fires in a slow motion style and — bam — it hits the target.

The Dark Tower hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

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