Jason Isaacs Had A Surprising ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion

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When it comes to non-wizard characters, Dobby the House Elf is one of our favorites. And while Harry’s fair-weather friend has had more than his fair share of memorable moments throughout the Harry Potter series, the moment he was freed from the clutches of Lucius Malfoy will always be one of our favorites.

Harry might have cleverly helped Dobby escape from the abuse he suffered at Malfoy manner, but it looks as though the house elf might not be as free as we thought— at least not if Jason Isaacs has anything to say about it!

The actor who brings Lucius Malfoy to life in the Potter films recently took to Instagram to share quite the surprising reunion photo featuring none other than Dobby himself!

The photo in question features Isaacs cuddled up in bed with an adorable knit Dobby doll perched on his shoulder.


Reunited and it feels so good. #DeathCannotSaveHim #dobbyIsNOTaFreeElf #ts

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“Reunited and it feels so good,” Isaacs wrote in the caption, along with the clever hashtags #DeathCannotSaveHim and #dobbyIsNOTaFreeElf.

It’s nice to see Isaacs has just as much love for Dobby as fans of the Harry Potter series do!

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