Which Series At Risk Of Cancellation Would You Save? POLL

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It’s safe to say cancellation season is a TV junkie’s worst nightmare. And while dozens of our favorite shows have been renewed, there are still quite a few that are teetering on the bubble.

Given that big networks like Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, and The CW have yet to fill us in on whether many of our favorite series will live to see another season, we thought it was high time to hear from fans like you.

We’ve put together a poll based on lists of series on the five major networks that have neither been cancelled, nor renewed. You’ll notice below that our polls for each network are comprehensive, which means there will undoubtedly be a few series (like Chicago Fire) that are more likely to be renewed than others. Similarly, there are other shows (like Modern Family) that are merely in limbo due to contract negotiations, but stand a good chance of coming back. And then of course, there’s the Prison Break revival, which was reportedly intended to be only one season (though, star Wentworth Miller recently said he’s open to returning for more!).

The shows mentioned above (and a few others) may not be on the brink of being pulled, but they also haven’t been officially renewed, which means anything is possible. Meanwhile, a number of other series are dangerously close to getting the ax like Last Man on Earth, which is so precariously on the bubble that series star Will Forte took to Twitter to appeal to fans of the show to watch the most recent episodes.

The bottom line is that if your favorite show hasn’t officially received a greenlight for season 2, we’re going to give you the chance to vote for it.

Perhaps you’re pulling for Priyanka Chopra to come back for another round of action on ABC’s Quantico. Or maybe you’re rooting for The Originals to get another season so you can see whether any potential Vampire Diaries alums are added to the cast. Do you feel as though CBS’ action-packed freshman drama, Training Day deserves a bit more time to grow? Or are you hoping NBC’s Blacklist spinoff Blacklist: Redemption will come back with more in the fall?

Regardless of which series on each network has your support, we want to hear about it! So check out the polls below and vote for which series yet to be renewed you think most deserve to be saved. Then hit the comments below and let us know why you voted the way you did!







*= shows that have been canceled since this post was published.

Polls close May 11. Which shows did you choose to save and why? Let us know in the comments!

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