Harry Styles’ Soars (Literally) In His First Solo Music Video, ‘Sign Of The Times’

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The wait is finally over!

On Monday (May 8), Harry Styles released the music video for “Sign of the Times,” and it’s surprisingly low-key.

Unlike his One Direction days, Styles doesn’t do any dancing in the first video off his solo venture, Harry Styles. Instead, he opts for more of a reflective and serious tone. He does, however, fly in the video, which is pretty unique and definitely new for the singer.

The video begins with Styles standing on a cliff wearing a long trench coat. Throughout the video Styles walks around on the cliff and we get different angles of his beautiful face as he sings the haunting words from his first single.

Suddenly, during the chorus, he takes a step and goes floating off the cliff, over the ocean!

Styles continues to fly and look over the beautiful scenery, including gorgeous rainfalls, trees and shorelines. He’s just hanging out over the world and it’s magical.

The video ends with Styles floating on top of clouds through a yellow-orange sunset.

The entire video is like a montage to all of the wonders of the world, and it’s pretty amazing. Simple, but amazing.

Plus, who doesn’t like a video that focuses solely on Styles, his voice, and presence as an individual artist?

What do you think of Harry Styles’ first solo music video?

Harry Styles drops on May 12.

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