The ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B Trailer Will Make Your Heart Race

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Your first look at the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf is finally here, and it was worth the wait!

On Sunday (May 8), during the MTV Movie & TV Awards festival, MTV released the first teaser for Season 6B of Teen Wolf, and boy, is it intense. So what can you expect from the last of the last of Teen Wolf? For starters, a new enemy… or is it an old one?

“We find them, we kill them… we kill them all,” an ominous voice says as the clip begins.

Next, we see a slow-motion Scott running through the woods. As he runs there are glimpses on him from present day, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, as well as snaps of him in wolf form getting a bullet fired at him — which is a memory of when Argent was chasing him way back when.

We then see that Argent might still be the one hunting him, which is terrifying.



“We can still catch them,” Malia and Lydia say as Scott snaps back to reality in the woods with them. “Catch who?” Scott asks, to which the ladies respond, “The killer, what are you thinking about?”

He’s thinking about getting the bullet to Argent, even if he’s the one that fired it!

At the very end of the clip, Scott and Malia both realize that the hunters are here, and they run. If this teaser is any indication, Teen Wolf fans are in for quite the final few episodes!

What do you think about this teaser? Could Argent be back to his hunting ways?

Teen Wolf returns to MTV for its final season this summer.

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