Jennifer Morrison Says She’s ‘Pleased’ With How Emma Swan Exits ‘Once Upon A Time’

(Photo Courtesy: ABC)
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Once Upon A Time might have more stories to tell, but it’ll have to do so without Emma Swan.

Earlier this week, Once fans got the shock of a lifetime when actress Jennifer Morrison revealed that she would not be returning for season 7 of ABC’s hit fantasy series.

In a lengthy post announcing her decision, Morrison revealed that she felt as though it was time for her to move on “creatively and personally.” Even so, Morrison wants fans to know that she’s very happy with the way Emma’s story ends on the show.

Speaking to Deadline, Morrison said that she feels as though Emma’s end is true to her story arc as a whole. Though she couldn’t say much, what she did tease about Emma’s final episodes is sure to make fans of Once Upon A Time optimistic with regards to how we’ll say goodbye to her character.

“I thought [Horowitz and Kitsis], as always, came up with something that was really creative and inventive in terms of what it was that Emma really has to face in order to fight the final battle,” Morrison, who has agreed to return for one episode if the show gets picked up for season 7, told Deadline. “I’m very pleased with how they’ve written the character and how they have everything play out in the last couple of episodes.”

As sad as we’ll be to bid farewell to Emma Swan (and Jennifer Morrison for that matter), we’re happy to hear that as an actress, Morrison was satisfied with Emma’s arc. While Once Upon A Time has always made it a point to focus on a wide variety of characters, the series truly started off as Emma’s story.

To that end, we’ll be looking forward to seeing how her storyline gets tied up, as well as what it will mean for the likes of Henry, Snow, Charming, and the rest of the gang going forward.

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