The ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Is Full Of ‘Baby Timberlakes,’ According To Tina Fey

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The Mean Girls Musical is finally starting to come together and Tina Fey is slowly releasing information about what the stage production will entail.

After having major success with the 2004 film, Mean Girls is headed to Broadway and we couldn’t be more excited to see the Plastics on stage.

On Wednesday (May 11), Fey stopped by The Tonight Show and dished all about the upcoming musical and what’s in store for fans when they go see it.

“I mean, I’ll probably come back here like five more times before we actually come to Broadway, but it’s a real thing now,” Fey told host Jimmy Fallon.

She then explained that the talent level for a movie musical verse an actual musical is SO different and we can totally see that.

“It’s so cool. It’s so fun because — you can sing — but I’ve been in stuff that’s like movie musicals, whatever, a little bit,” she explained. “The secret with movie musicals is you can secretly suck and be a star. But to do things on stage? Like, these kids are so talented!”

With the cast in place, Fey joked about what kind of stars fans can expect to see performing the totally fetch tunes.

“We have the cast now. We’ve been rehearsing for about a month. There’s a bunch of baby Timberlakes. Everyone can do everything! They just sing so loud and they dance so hard,” she said.

Baby Timberlakes, aka baby Justin Timberlakes running all over the stage? It’ll be like the Mickey Mouse Club but about Mean Girls and we’re freaking out with excitement.

Although the production is a go, the script is written and the cast is set, the actual show is still a ways off. According to Playbill, the previews for the musical will begin on October 31 and run through December at Washington D.C.’s National Theater.

It will then make its way to Broadway sometime in March. Even though it is a few months away from previews, you can already buy tickets, so yay!

Oh, and remember Fey’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom, so you know you’re going to love this show… and all the pink ensembles and army pants and flip flop costumes!

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