This ‘Willy Wonka’ Fan Theory Will Make You Question Everything You Thought You Knew About The Movie

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Brace yourselves, Willy Wonka fans, because there’s a good chance you’ll never look at Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the same way again.

There’s a new fan theory going around that will undoubtedly change the way you think about just how lucky Charlie Bucket was to have found the Golden Ticket in the original 1971 musical. In fact, Reddit user paulvs88 is all but convinced that Charlie wasn’t lucky at all.

According to the Redditor (via MTV), it wasn’t merely luck that placed that fated Golden Ticket in Charlie’s hands at all. As the fan explains, it’s possible that the candy shop owner, Bill, knew all along which of his Wonka Bars held the Golden Ticket and chose Charlie to have it.

The idea that Bill might have been in on it all along seems a bit hard to stomach, but it actually isn’t too far fetched once you think about it. As the Reddit user explains, Charlie enters Bill’s candy store after finding some money on the street and asks to by the biggest candy bar Bill’s got. After scarfing down a good chunk of his Slugworth Scrumdiddlyumptious bar, Charlie pauses, turns to Bill, and says, “I think I’ll buy just one more. For my Grandpa Joe.”

The interesting part is that despite the fact that Charlie tells Bill he wants to buy another chocolate bar for his Grandpa, it’s Bill that picks which bar Charlie goes home with.

“Bill HAS to give the ticket today because the event is tomorrow,” writes paulvs88. “Charlie NEVER gets to choose what candy to buy Grandpa Joe.”

Regardless of whether or not you buy the idea that Bill was in on it the whole time, it’s definitely got us thinking about that fated scene that changed Charlie’s life forever. We think we’ll have to orchestrate a rewatch of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ASAP to relive this scene with this newfound theory in mind!

(H/T: MTV)

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