Which Series In Limbo Should Be Saved From Cancellation? (Final Round Of Voting!)

("OUAT" Photo Courtesy: ABC/"Prison Break" Photo Courtesy: FOX)
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Television’s biggest networks have already decided whether or not tons of seres will live to see another season, but there are still quite a few of our favorite shows who’s fates have yet to be decided.

Last week, we asked you all to weigh in and vote for which series on each of the five major networks you’d like to see get another season, and it’s safe to say you made your voices heard! In our last poll, we allowed you to vote for one series from each network (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and The CW), but now that the results are in, we’re taking it one step further!

We’ve compiled a list of the top vote-getters from each of our network specific polls to bring you yet another chance to make your voice heard and let us know which series that’s still in limbo you’d like to see get renewed for another season.

Please note that some of the top-vote getters from our last poll have already been cancelled (like NBC’s Timeless) or renewed (like The CW’s The Originals). In such cases, we chose to include the second-highest vote-getter whose fate is still in limbo.



Whether you’re dying for more action and adventure from Fox’s Prison Break, or just want another battle against the forces of evil from the like’s of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, we’ll be excited to see how you vote! Take the poll above and make your voice heard.

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