The CW Unveiled A ‘Frequency’ Epilogue That Will Give Fans The Closure They Need

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The CW may have cancelled it’s freshman drama Frequency, but it’s not letting the series go without a proper goodbye!

Shortly after the news broke that Frequency wouldn’t be returning for a second season, viewers got a tiny semblance of closure in the form of a three-and-a-half minute epilogue uploaded to The CW’s streaming app.

The series, which premiered back in the fall, told the story of Raimy (Peyton List), an NYPD detective that discovers she can communicate with her dead father Frank (Riley Smith), through an old ham radio. Fans who’ve followed the show for the seasons know all to well that the final episode left us with quite a few questions. And while many remain unanswered, the nice thing about the epilogue is that it ties up a few loose ends with regards to our favorite characters.

In the epilogue, we find out what becomes of Raimy, her father Frank, and of course, the serial killer they’re on the hunt for known as the Nightingale. The epilogue cues us in on the fact that Frank is able to fix the radio and in doing that, he’s able to confirm to Riley that the Nightingale died in jail.

Meanwhile, wedding bells are in store for Raimy, who’s mother is in the midst of helping her plan her nuptials. Interestingly, the big day is set for none other than June 14, 2011. Fans of Frequency know this date is incredibly important because it happens to be the day Frank dies.

In an emotional moment, we see Raimy pleading with her dad and asking him not to leave the house that day. Unfortunately, we’re left in the dark as to what he decides to do because the rain goes out before he’s able to reply back. Lucky for us, the showrunners didn’t end things there!

Instead, we get one final scene in which Frank appears just behind Raimy and says, “I got it, kiddo.”

Fans of Frequency know all too well that there was definitely more story left to tell. As sad as we are to see the series cut short, it’s nice that the showrunners and actors were able to give us one final scene of closure with the characters we’ve come to know and love.

Did the Frequency epilogue leave you feeling satisfied?

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