This ‘High School Musical’ Theory Will Change The Way You See Sharpay Evans

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Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) may have gotten their happy ending in High School Musical, but one diehard Wildcat fan just showed us all why the character we should really be focusing on is none other than Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale).

In a lengthy thread shared on Twitter over the weekend, a fan with the username Karim explained exactly why Sharpay Evans deserved a much better fate than the films gave her.

“It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. Why Sharpay Evans was the real victim of High School Musical: A Thread,” tweeted Karim in all caps on Sunday (May 14).



As MTV summarizes, the root of the argument goes all the way back to the first movie where Sharpay is made out to be the bad guy, when in fact it’s Gabriella who was the root of a lot of troubles.

The fan even cites the fated moment in which sign up sheets go up in the hallway for that year’s big musical as evidence.

“Looking at the sign up sheet and Sharpay shows up and she tells them that there’s always supporting roles if they wanna get in theater which…is seen [as rude] but I don’t see how that’s [rude] like people gotta start somewhere like you don’t just expect to be the star,” writes Karim.

The Wildcat also goes on to point out that everyone turns against Sharpay for ruining Kelsi’s songs for the play when in fact they should be thanking the misunderstood character for turning Kelsi’s “slow love song that’s gonna bore people to death” into an upbeat jam.

Finally, Karim drives the point home by explaining that we might have never stopped to think about why Sharpay is so prickly. Musical theater wasn’t considered a cool extracurricular until East High’s golden boy, Troy Bolton, and new girl Gabriella got involved, meaning it’s very possible Sharpay put up with her fare share of bullying from her classmates for being so passionate about something deemed “uncool.”

The good news is, Sharpay finally got the spotlight she deserved in the HSM spinoff, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. Even so, that’s not nearly enough, according to the diehard Sharpay fan, and it turns out Ashley Tisdale agrees!

Shortly after the Twitter rant went viral, Tisdale tweeted out her support.

“I personally think she was a victim form the start…her parents named her Sharpay!” joked Tisdale.

One thing’s for sure, after going through this lengthy Twitter rant, we’ll never look at Sharpay Evans the same way again!

(H/T: MTV)

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