Here’s Your First Look At ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Prequel’s Perfectly Cast Young Sheldon

("Young Sheldon" Photo Courtesy: Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)/("TBBT Photo Courtesy: CBS)
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The wait is over: We finally have a first look at the adorable boy playing Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory prequel series!

On Wednesday (May 17), CBS announced its fall lineup and with it they’ve revealed the first photos from The Big Bang Theory prequel, Young Sheldon. As you’d expect, the series will follow the life of a young Sheldon (the adult version is played by Jim Parsons on TBBT) back when he was only nine years old.

The series is being compared to Wonder Years in regards to its vibe as opposed to following the format and story style of its mother show, according to CBS scheduling chief Kelly Kahl via Entertainment Weekly.

Sheldon grew up in Texas, and he definitely didn’t fit in, so this prequel will be all about his life prior to working at Cal Tech and living with Leonard Hofstadter. The adorable actor playing such a smart and sweet character is Iain Armitage, and based on the pictures below, he is a perfect fit.



The images show young Sheldon going to school with a giant briefcase. Clearly, he is not your normal elementary school student. There is also another image from Sheldon at school talking to his mom, who looks to be giving him a pep talk before he heads to class.

The third image shows of the the character playing with trains in a garage (we all know Sheldon LOVES his trains). He’s just so stinking cute and we can’t wait to see what young Sheldon does on a daily basis that makes him the way he is on TBBT.

According to CBS, the prequel will be following The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights, which seems like a good fit. Plus, it’s tag line already has us hooked and waiting for it to debut this fall.

Young Sheldon premieres on November 2, 2017 at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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