This ‘Big Time Rush’ Reunion Will Make You Feel The Brotherly Love

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)
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Whenever there is a Big Time Rush reunion, we can’t help but smile, which is why the latest BTR hangout makes us so happy.

On Wednesday (May 17), BTR member James Maslow shared a photo on Instagram with his from Nickelodeon costar and bandmate Kendall Schmidt.


Great seeing ma brother from anotha mother today

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“Great seeing ma brother from anotha mother today,” Maslow captioned his reunion photo.

While Maslow’s caption didn’t reveal what brought the two together, we’re just glad they’re still hanging out!

In the picture, the two friends have their arms around each other and appear to be in a studio or garage with instruments of some sort.

If we had to guess where they were we’d definitely guess Schmidt’s garage because of the green street sign in the corner. It says “DR,” which is short for drive and Schmidt’s band is called Heffron Drive. Coincidence? We think not!

If that’s not enough BTR love, last week Schmidt and another one of his former bandmates, Carlos Pena shared a video together to promote their company Hapbee, which sells natural and organic skin products.

The video is too funny not to share. Technically it all about their company’s products now being available on Amazon, but it also serves as another hilarious skit from the BTR guys we know and love.



Now all we need is for Logan Henderson to join in on the reunion fun, then it would be a full-on BTR reunion. Or, all four guys could reunite to write another album and/or create a revival show. Just a thought!


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