Josh Gad Revealed His Favorite Disney Princess And The Answer Might Get Him In Trouble

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Unlike most Disney fans, Josh Gad just proved that he’s not above playing favorites! On Tuesday (May 9), the Beauty and the Beast star took to Twitter to host a Q&A with fans where he let us in on some of his favorite Disney things.

At one point, the actor even revealed his favorite Disney princess, and we’re sure some of his past co-stars will have more than a few thoughts on who Gad chose!

“Don’t tell Anna and Elsa, but Belle,” said the Frozen star when a fan asked him to pick his favorite royal.

Disney princesses aside, Gad also had fun fielding a few more Disney themed questions. Most notably, the actor showed that like the rest of us, it’s near impossible to pick just one favorite Disney film!

Aladdin or Mary Poppins,” tweeted Gad, when a fan asked him to pick a favorite movie.

Of course, the Q&A wouldn’t have been complete without a few Beauty and the Beast-themed questions.

When one fan asked which line in the film was his favorite, Gad surprised us all by picking a line uttered by Beast instead of one said by his character Le Fou.

Finally, Gad revealed that if he could play any other character in Beauty and the Beast, it’d have to be the one assumed by Ewan McGregor in the live action adaptation.

“Lumiere. That song,” tweeted Gad.

We don’t blame Gad for wishing to be Lumiere. Something tells us he’d have a blast putting his own spin on “Be Our Guest!”

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