Jennifer Morrison And More Actors From Recently Canceled Series Who Would Be Perfectly Cast On A Neighboring Show

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Series like The Catch, Frequency, and more might have gotten the axe at networks like ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC during the Upfronts last week, but that doesn’t mean hope is completely lost.

While we may never get another season of  Powerless or Sleepy Hollow, the silver lining amidst the long list of television titles that were cancelled this year is that it frees up time for some of our favorite actors to book new and exciting projects.

With that in mind, we decided to cast some of our favorite actors from recently canceled series in brand-new roles. Check out our suggestions below!

Mireille Enos (The Catch)

On ABC’s The Catch, Enos played the determined Alice Vaughan, the head of a private investigation firm who hunts down her fiancee after she discovers he ran off with all her money. As Alice, Enos had to juggle cases while simultaneously trying to track down her ex. Given her multi-tasking skills, we think the actress would fit right in with the docs over at Grey’s Anatomy who are constantly balancing medical emergencies with personal dramas. Or, better yet, maybe she can hitch a ride on the new Grey’s spinoff, which is set to take place in a firehouse! With Shonda Rhimes at the helm of all three shows, we imagine she won’t have much trouble scoring a referral. 

Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls)

CBS might be ready to say goodbye to 2 Broke Girls, but we’re definitely not ready to say goodbye to Kat Dennings, who played the sarcastic, quick-witted Max Black. Though Dennings’ character was memorable in her own right, we want to see her take on a character that’s still fun but a bit more adult. For that reason, we’d love to see her play some kind of authority figure on  CBS’ upcoming The Big Bang Theory spinoff, Young Sheldon. Something tells us she’d kill it as one of Sheldon’s teachers, or even a guidance counselor dishing out hilarious, yet practical advice!

Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow)

The “tall, dark, and British,” Tom Mison totally stole our hearts on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. After playing the tortured hero, it’d be fun to see Mison step into the role of a villain. He could even stick to his supernatural side by taking a role within the Batman universe — and what better outlet for that than FOX’s Gotham?

Peyton List (Frequency)

The CW’s choice to cancel Frequency was a tough one to stomach for viewers who found themselves invested in Raimy Sullivan’s ability to communicate with her dead father (Riley Smith) via an old ham radio. As much as we’ll miss tuning into Frequency, there are quite a few shows on The CW where List could fit right in.In fact, List might even make a perfect fit for Arrow. Perhaps she could play someone tied to Oliver’s past, or even portray a recurring villain. Thanks to her role as a cop on Frequency, we already know List is a pro when it comes to hunting down bad guys, so it’d be fun to see that skill enhanced by bringing a superhuman element to it! (Update: List made a guest appearance on The Flash in 2015 as Lisa Smart, so she’s technically already in the Arrow universe. However, we’d still love to see her in a new role as a series regular stirring up trouble in Starling City!)

Danny Pudi (Powerless)

We loved seeing Pudi play prankster Teddy on Powerless, and even though the short-lived series is over, we’re already hoping Pudi will join the ranks of another sitcom sooner rather than later. Pudi has already tackled the likes of community college and the insurance world, but we’re betting he’d pull out all the stops if he joined the ranks of the America Ferrera-led series, Superstore. Perhaps he could play a newly hired employee who shakes things up at Cloud 9 for the likes of Amy, Jonah, and the rest of the gang.

Which actors from canceled series would you recast asap?

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