3 Key Moments From The First ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer That Could Reveal A Bigger Truth About What’s Ahead

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Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones fans. The first trailer for season 7 is finally here and it’s undeniably epic.

Everything’s coming to a head over on Game of Thrones and you need only watch the first trailer for season 7 to realize that the time has come to battle things out. Cersei’s (Lena Headey) sitting pretty on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, but it’s clear that if Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has it her way, she won’t be there for long.

Even so, Cersei’s not giving up her position of power without a fight— in fact, it’s clear from the get-go that she’s very well aware that everyone from the Mother of Dragons to Jon Snow is heading her way.

The first official trailer for season 7 packs an undeniable punch, but there are definitely a few standout moments that deserve a closer look. We’ve combed through the teaser to bring you three big moments we think Game of Thrones fans should be paying extra close attention to. Check them out below!

1. Littlefinger and Sansa’s conversation.
The Stark siblings seemed united at the end of season 6 after Sanasa (Sophie Turner) and Jon (Kit Harington) effectively defeated Ramsay Bolton, but it looks as though Sansa might be singing a different tune come season 7. In fact, we won’t be surprised if it’s Littlefinger himself who has a hand in turning Sansa against Jon in an effort to ensure she’s the one leading all of Winterfell instead of her half-brother.

“Your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand. Last best hope against the coming storm,” says Littlefinger as Sansa looks out into the snow.

We’ll definitely be interested to see what effect his words have on her!

2. Ser Davos’ cryptic warning
Cersei and Daenerys may be ready to battle it out for the Iron Throne, but it’s clear Davos is looking at the bigger picture. From the way he puts it, there are much bigger problems to worry about than who’s set to rule King’s Landing.

“If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together, we will die,” says Davos at one point. “And then it doesn’t matter who’s skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.”

With winter having finally reached Westeros, and the Night King and White Walkers set to take center stage, it’s clear that there’s definitely more than one battle to worry about this coming season.

3. “The Great War is here.”
As with Davo’s cryptic warning, the last words uttered in the trailer by none other than Jon Snow himself hint at much greater problems to come for everyone in Westeros. With the White Walkers making their way South, and Snow’s warning of the Great War coming, it’s possible everyone will have to set aside their quest to rule from King’s Landing in favor of battling a greater enemy. Whether or not we’ll see enemies band together in an effort to rid the land of White Walkers from their mission to destroy everyone and everything remains to be seen. Even so, we’re sure it’ll take more than just Jon and the whole of Winterfell to take down the White Walkers.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.

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