Jennifer Morrison And More ‘Once Upon A Time’ Alums Who Would Be Perfectly Cast On Another Series

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With Once Upon A Time closing the story book on a number of characters, it’s time to look ahead to what’s next for some of our favorite actors.

As sad we are to know stars Jennifer MorrisonJosh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin (to name just a few) won’t be returning for season 7, we’re already looking forward to seeing what small screen roles they tackle next. In fact, we’ve even got a few ideas!

Check out which popular series we’d love to see our favorite Once Upon A Time alums head to next below!

Jennifer Morrison (Emma) to The Big Bang Theory

Jennifer Morrison has stated she’s excited to step behind the camera now that her work on Once Upon A Time is done, but we can’t help but hope she’ll wind up on another series soon. Given that we’ve seen her battling the forces of evil for the past few years, it’d be fun to see Morrison tackle a lighter role on a comedy like The Big Bang Theory. Fans of the show know that Penny (Kaley Cuoco) has a zany sister, and given Morrison’s uncanny resemblance to Cuoco, we think the time may finally be right to make a family introduction.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow) to This Is Us

Showrunners for This Is Us are keeping season 2 details firmly under wraps, but one thing we do know is that we can expect to see Kate (Chrissy Metz) professionally pursue her singing career. Given that Ginnifer Goodwin absolutely knocked it out of the park during Once Upon A Time’s musical special, having her join This Is Us as Kate’s new vocal coach wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. Singing aside, Goodwin also did a phenomenal job playing up Mary Margaret’s nurturing side, so we could totally see her being some sort of support system for Kate as she pursues her passion for music.

Emilie de Ravin (Belle) to The Originals

Emilie de Ravin has proven she’s got what it takes to take on the supernatural thanks to roles on series like Roswell and Lost. With that in mind, jumping over to The CW’s The Originals might make for a perfect fit for the Once Upon A Time alum. Fans of the vampire series know there’s a bit of a rivalry amongst the Crescent Wolf Pack and the North East Atlantic Pack, so it might be fun to reintroduce that concept into the series and have de Ravine play one of Ansel’s long lost descendants.


Rebecca Mader (Zelena) to Grey’s Anatomy

There’s no denying Rebecca Mader made wicked look good on Once Upon A Time, but it’s high time she shows us what she can do as a TV hero. As previously reported, ABC is gearing up to green light a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff centered around a Seattle-based firehouse, and who better than Mader to play a new recruit? We can already picture her saving lives and putting out blazes. The only thing that could make this dream casting even better is if Mader gets to cross-over to Grey Sloan Memorial, where she’ll obviously run into Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Bailey, and a few other familiar faces.


Jared Gilmore (Henry) to The Flash

We absolutely loved seeing Jared Gilmore grow as the pure hearted Henry on Once Upon A Time, but now that he’s left the show, it’d be great to see him step into a darker role. The CW’s The Flash has seen its fair share of villains, but one that hasn’t popped up yet is The Thinker. While there have been a few different incarnations of The Thinker over time, we think Gilmore could step into the Cliff Carmichael incarnation of the super villain, who coincidentally, is also an old foe of Firestorm (Robbie Amell).

Josh Dallas (Charming) to Quantico

We’ll miss seeing Charming save the day on Once Upon A Time, but it’ll be exciting to see what Dallas books next as an actor. In fact, with Quantico coming back for a third season, something tells us the OUAT vet might fit right in with Alex Parish (Priyanka Chopra) and the rest of Quantico’s agents. We learned in the season 2 finale that Shelby (Johanna Braddy) is now working at Quantico, so maybe Dallas could get cast as one of her new colleagues at the FBI training ground. We’d totally tune in to see whether he ends up being a good guy or a bad guy!


What do you think of casting choices? How would you recast these OUAT alums? Tell us in the comments!

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