The ‘Wonder’ Trailer Is Finally Here, And It Will Make You Sob So Hard

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A new trailer for the upcoming family drama Wonder is finally here, and it’s bound to tug at all of your heartstrings!

Based on the best-selling book, Wonder tells the story of a 10-year-old boy named Auggie Pullman (Room’s Jacob Tremblay) who’s attending fifth grade for the first time.

First days can be frightening for any kid, but Auggie’s foray into public school comes with his its own set of problems due to his facial differences.

“I know I’m not an ordinary 10-year-old kid. I’ve had 27 surgeries. They helped me to see, to breathe, to see, to hear out of hearing aids, but none of them have made me look ordinary,” explains Auggie at the beginning of the trailer.

It’s clear blending in at his new school is all but impossible at first. There’s even a gut-wrenching scene where we see Auggie confiding in his parents (played by Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts) about how he feels ugly.

“You are not ugly, Auggie,” stresses Roberts’ Isabel Pullman at one point. “Because I’m your mom, it counts the most. Because I know you the most.”

The teaser might make you reach for the tissues, but it’s also peppered with uplifting moments as Auggie realizes it’s possible to make friends, even despite his differences.

Check out the first trailer for Wonder below!

Also starring Homeland’s Mandy Patinkin and Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs, Wonder hits theaters November 17, 2017.

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