Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, And More ‘One Tree Hill’ Stars Give Hilarie Burton A Warm Twitter Welcome

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Hilarie Burton joined Twitter earlier this week — and she’s been getting the warmest of welcomes from her One Tree Hill costars ever since. 

The latest actor to give the former Peyton Sawyer a shoutout on Twitter is Chad Michael Murray, who played Burton’s TV husband, Lucas.

“Give my TV wife Peyton a.k.a @HilarieBurton a nice warm welcome 2 Twitter! She’s a tad behind the 8 ball but we’re lucky 2 have her,” wrote Murray.

In turn, Burton admitted she’s still trying to figure out the social media platform. 

“Aw! Chadly!! I’m like a grandma figuring out a universal remote. So many buttons!,” she wrote. 

The message naturally prompted Murray to tease Burton about getting older.

“Like a Grandma”???… its creeping up Hil… 😊,” he wrote.

Tyler Hilton, who joined OTH in its final season, also couldn’t help but poking fun at Burton for being late to the Twitter party.

“Welcome to twitter @HilarieBurton! This is what we used to do before Instagram you’ll love it,” he wrote.

In response, Burton compared joining Twitter to a high school yearbook, which seems very fitting since she played a high school student for years on the show about the rivalry (and later friendship) between basketball-playing half-brothers Lucas (Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty).

“@TylerHilton it feels like an endless yearbook, dude. You’re totally winning Best Hair,” wrote Burton.

Burton’s first tweet, of course, was dedicated to her on and off-screen bestie Sophia Bush, who she thanked for defending her from social media imposters through the years.

“1st tweet HAS to be to thank this golden woman – for being my defender against imposters and my voice for years. Love you @SophiaBush,” wrote Burton on Tuesday (May 23).

Bush responded by welcoming Burton to the “crazy, wonderful world of Twitter,” and saying “I’ve got your back.”

That exchange, however, prompted yet another OTH costar to chime in, as Robert Buckley appealed to Burton to make her second tweet about him and all he’s done for her. When a fan pointed out that Burton got verified much faster than Buckley, the actor had a sweet response.

“She’s Hilarie freaking Burton,” wrote Buckley. “That’s like comparing cold pizza to Hilarie freaking Burton.


Of course, Burton wasn’t about to leave her costar hanging. She did thank him for all he’s done for her…which apparently includes introducing her to Pokemon socks?

Responded Burton: “What kind of pizza are we talking?!? And yes, Rob. Thank you for ALL you’ve done. I never knew I needed Pokémon socks till you came along!”

Now all we need is for Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz to join in on the Twitter party and we’ll have ourselves a full blown OTH (social media) reunion!

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