6 Movies That Shah Rukh Khan And Brad Pitt Should Star In Together

(Brard Pitt Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)/(Shah Rukh Khan Photo by Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images)
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There was a meeting of the (superstar) minds in India on Wednesday night (May 24).

For the premiere of his new movie War Machine in Mumbai, Brad Pitt teamed up with none other than Bollywood (well, really, international) mega-star Shah Rukh Khan. According to HuffingtonPost India, the two actors got together to discuss the evolution of cinema — but what we wish they had discussed is what movies they could team up on. After all, they’re both among the biggest stars in the world (for perspective, SRK has starred in more than 80 movies, while Pitt follows closely behind with around 60 titles to his name). Combine their acting prowess with their worldwide fame (SRK boasts 25.1 million Twitter followers, and while Pitt doesn’t have social media, he’s unquestionably a household name), and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire formula for big screen success.

To get our dream duo off the ground, we’ve come up with 5 movies we’d love to see Shah Rukh Khan and Brad Pitt take on together. Check out our suggestions below:

1. Oceans 14

It’s been a decade since the last film in the Oceans trilogy, which means its high time to revisit the franchise. While an all-female reboot is in the works, we’d love to see the original gang return, too. But with Ocean himself — George Clooney — likely to be busy with diaper duty soon (he’s expecting twins with wife Amal in case you hadn’t heard), the heist film will need a new co-lead. And who better than Khan to fill his very charming shoes? We could totally see the Bollywood star trading barbs with Pitt’s rusty while planning a con — this time, preferably, in India.

2. Don 3

During his conversation with Khan last night, E! News reports that Pitt said he “would never make it in Bollywood because I can’t dance.” We disagree. Pitt would be a great addition to the Don franchise, in which Khan plays a cunning mafia boss. Since a third film in the series isn’t underway yet (at least that we know of), we’re going to pitch Pitt to play the cop who hunts Don down. After all, the only thing that might be better than seeing SRK and Pitt working together on the big screen is seeing them work against each other. No two-stepping required.

3. X-Men: The Professor X Generation

With the success of Logan, it’s clear there’s an audience for mature superheroes. And while Pitt has mostly stayed away from the genre, and SRK has only dabbled in, we’d like to think the two could be enticed by a film that let’s them play weathered superheroes who one day get to reclaim their glory. An X-Men movie centered around Professor X’s generation of mutants would be the perfect vehicle for the stars, who would get to work on something meaty, while also playing around with powers. Who could say no?

4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

With a remake of the 1954 classic already underway, Pitt and SRK would be the perfect stars to helm an expedition under the sea. Given the fact that both actors are powerhouses in their own right, however, we’re having a hard time determining who would play Professor Pierre M. Aronnax versus his assistant Conseil. One solution? Conseil gets a promotion in the new film that puts him on equal footing with the professor — and makes casting the two stars that much easier.

5. Pulp Fiction 

Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese is already directing a remake of the 1994 drama that will star Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson, but if there’s ever another iteration (hey, we’ve seen it done with Batman!), we’d like to see SRK and Pitt as the (hit)men in black.

6. Spy 2

While both actors have starred in countless dramas, they’re adept at comedy, too. And while we can’t quite picture them teaming up in a buddy cop movie, we can see them joining forces with Melissa McCarthy to bring the laughs in a sequel to director Paul Feig’s Spy.

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