BTS Member Rap Monster Reveals He Learned English By Watching ‘Friends’

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Have you heard about K-Pop boy band, BTS? If you haven’t, you’re sure to hear about the singers soon, because they are on the cusp of taking over.

After winning the Top Social Media Artist award at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, beating out the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the group is already gaining more fame.

BTS, which is made up of Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V and Jungkook, sat down with Yahoo! Music on Tuesday, to talk about their BTS Army — they won the BBMAs title with 300 million fan votes, which is a new record — their favorite music, and of course TV.

Though the Billboard Music Awards was the group’s first American TV appearance, they have had experience with one other American TV show: Friends.

According to Rap Monster, who was the go-to translator during the interview, Friends helped him improve his English.

“It was like a cliché for the Korean parents in my hometown to let their kids watch Friends,” Rap Monster told Yahoo! Music.

He also revealed that Chandler is his favorite of the Central Perk crew. This is a guy after own our own heart!

“The show is really good. It’s kind of like the show of my life. Firstly, I had no interest, because I cannot understand a word. But [my mom] thankfully let me watch it in Korean, like, subtitled,” he explained. “So as I watched the show, and I was so into the show — the characters, the love stories. She bought the DVDs, 1 to 10 Seasons, and I repeated it like a dozen times. I think that’s why [I learned English so well]. Their speech is clear and easy to understand.”

Who knew that Friends could be a learning tool?

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