Stephen Amell Reveals ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Theme

(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)
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If you’re still reeling from the season 5 finale of Arrow, you’re not alone.

In case you missed it — and without giving any spoilers — Arrow’s Season 5 finale centered around the intense battle between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) aka Green Arrow and the super villain, Prometheus.

The two used everything in the arsenal to defeat one another, including Oliver teaming up with unlikely ally, Deathstroke or Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett). We also saw Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) and Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin) on Prometheus’ team leading to a lot of questions and fan conflict of not knowing who to root for. Okay, we were obviously rooting for Oliver, but it was intense!

Now, we’re left with a major cliffhanger, lots of unanswered questions and the fate of numerous characters up in the air. Sadly, The CW series won’t return until the fall and we’re not okay with waiting that long for some clues.

Thankfully, Amell gave a little teaser of what’s to come during a panel at Heroes & Villains FanFest in London over the weekend and it gives us hope for season 6.

“The theme of season 5 was legacy,” Amell revealed at the panel via “From what I understand, the theme of season 6 is family.”

While it’s not a lot to go on, it does give us hope for the survival or at least remembrance of characters close to Oliver next season. Who will remain in his family of heroes and sidekicks? What will come of Oliver and his family? Who will he be fighting against or with when the series returns?

Based on this new theme and executive producer Wendy Mericle’s previous promise of “a new dynamic” in season 6, we have a lot to look forward to when Arrow returns. Or we have a lot to be fearful of… either way, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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