Keri Russell And Scott Speedman Had A ‘Felicity’ Reunion And Talked About A Revival

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The Felicity crew sticks together!

Some TV costars are close, like the cast of Friends, while others lose touch through the years. In the case of the Felicity cast, however, being friends off screen has always come easy, which makes us want a revival of the hit WB series ASAP.

On Tuesday (May 30), Felicity and Ben — um, we mean, Keri Russell and Scott Speedman — had not one, but two reunions and it took us back to 1998 really quick.

Although these two stars haven’t acted alongside one another since 2002, they have remained friends for years. That friendship is one of the many reasons Russell wasn’t as nervous to receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, and why she was happy when Speedman later joined her on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“You know what, I had to do this big star ceremony thing today. I was nervous,” Russell told Jimmy Kimmel about her star experience. “But when I come to town, I always see my friends Mandy and Scott from Felicity.”

As for whether or not fans will be getting that Felicity revival we all want, Speedman pipped in, making sure to tease his former costar in the process.

“I would do it. Some people are on really high-class shows,” Spedman joked referring to Russell’s current gig on The Americans. “I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I’ll be on Lifetime in no time.”

Did everyone get that? Speedman is all for a revival, and Russell didn’t object, so we’re hoping this actually happens. Lifetime, Netflix, Hulu, The CW, we don’t care, just make it happen.

Until then we’ll just hold onto this Felicity and Ben reunion day and think back to the show’s glory days.

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