A ‘High School Musical’ Fan May Have Figured Out The ‘True Story’ Within The Movie

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This High School Musical theory is music to our ears, well not literally, but pretty darn close.

Over the years there have been a LOT of fan theories about the High School Musical franchise. There are three movies, so it’s not that surprising that fans have numerous ideas about what is actually going on with the beloved characters, like the theory that Sharpay Evans was actually the victim.

The latest fan theory generating buzz, however, isn’t about one character in particular. Instead, it focuses on the idea that all three films are one giant musical. Yes, you read that right, according to Reddit user @Rockaface, every movie was just a continuation of one long musical that the East High students were putting on. Sounds cool, right?

“Everything in the 3 movies is only a musical,” Reddit user @Rockaface wrote in their post from two years ago as uncovered by Teen Vogue. “This explains the perfectly choreographed dance sequences when they randomly sing songs, the ending scene, and the very fictitious story.”

Since all three movies do center around singing and at times that’s all that makes sense about the storylines, it could make sense that it’s just a musical being played out by the students in the form of movies.

Plus, @Rockaface even pointed out that the final “ending scene” in High School Musical 3 was as close to proof that the films were actually a musical production from start to finish as you can get, mainly because of that “to-camera” shot.

“Towards the end of High School Musical 3, we see the main cast walking towards the camera until they stand on a stage. Curtains fall behind them as they bow to the audience, and the series ends as more curtains close,” the Redditor wrote. “While the saying of goodbyes can be dismissed as a gesture towards fans, I think it hints to the true story of the movie series.”

To further backup the theory, the Redditor dove into the plotline and characters a little further.

“All the characters of the series are teenagers and the play nor the songs aren’t very professional, leading me to think that it was made by students in a high school,” the user revealed. “The name of the series, however, is my most concrete point in this theory. It’s even partially canon that the movies never happened, and were only a, well, high school musical.”

Who would’ve thought that the East High Wildcats could’ve been all drawn up and designed by well, the East High Wildcats to create a fictional world a la a high school musical? Clearly, one Reddit user did and now our musical minds are blown.

Troy Bolton could’ve been a character dreamt up by the group of stage students, and his love Gabriella could’ve been designed to be the hero, when in reality she was just a fictional character created in the heads of students wanting to make a musical.

Plus, the songs are totally random sometimes, which does back up the idea that it’s a musical put on by students and not a movie about students in a musical. Come on people, get your head in the game and sound off on your thoughts about this wild fan theory below.

(H/T Teen Vogue)

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