Troian Bellisario Blatantly Spilled A Bunch Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers And No One Took Her Seriously

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After seven seasons of secrets on Pretty Little Liars, some of them had to slip eventually, or in Troian Bellisario’s case, on purpose.

During an episode of the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN), Bellisario revealed that she’s actually revealed major spoilers about the series throughout its run — but no one believed she was telling the truth.

Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings on the series, admitted that she started to tell the truth about the plot line in order to actually keep from fans asking too many questions and figuring out what was actually happening.

It might sound weird, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

“I feel like in the past I’ve definitely said the truth about some things because I knew people wouldn’t believe me,” Bellisario told People/Entertainment Weekly in the interview.

She knew that a lot of the truths were so wild and crazy that no one would believe her, and therefore they wouldn’t keep digging.

“That was the best way to keep the secret — to bluntly say exactly what would happen and then say, ‘But can you ever trust me?’ And because I’ve been on a show with the word ‘liar’ in the title, nobody believed me!” she said. “I think I said it about, like, Mona at one point.”

Who knew? All the times that Bellisario was doing interviews or talking with fans she could’ve been telling you exactly what was going to happen on the mysterious show, and yet no one listened.

Let’s be honest there are a LOT of things we never saw coming on the series, so if Bellisario told us, we wouldn’t think she was telling the truth either, especially when it came to the Big A reveals. In fact, with the series finale just weeks away, we still don’t know what to believe!

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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