FOX Cancels ’24: Legacy’ — But There’s A Twist

(Photo Courtesy: FOX)
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Bad news 24: Legacy fans.

Fox has officially canceled the follow up to the very successful 24 series, aka 24: Legacy, after one season, TV Line confirmed this week. That being said, there is a twist that might make Legacy and 24 fans happy, because there is another series in the franchise in the works. Yes, really.

According to TV Line, since the original 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland was such a success, Fox isn’t ready to give up on the franchise as a whole. Instead, FOX has started developing “a new incarnation that is more anthological,” and that will be built around “the real-time storytelling device.”

Sadly, no Legacy cast members, including the lead, Corey Hawkins, would be involved in this third TV spinoff project, but it would still be catered towards the 24 franchise fans. Maybe it’ll even include a Kiefer Sutherland cameo? Well, we can dream can’t we?!

What do you think about another 24 franchise show? Are you upset that 24: Legacy isn’t getting a second season?

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