Here’s Where ‘One Tree Hill’ Stars Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush And More Stand On A Revival

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In an age when reunions and revivals are all the rage, we’re still holding out hope that One Tree Hill might follow suit.

As fans, we felt a sense of closure and satisfaction knowing that some of our favorite characters like Brooke (Sophia Bush), Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz), and more had moved on to the next phase in their lives when the series finale aired back in 2012. Even so, we think it’d be fun to revisit the likes of Tree Hill to see what some of the series’ most memorable characters are up to today.

Currently, there’s been no talks either way with regards to whether or not One Tree Hill might get the revival treatment somewhere down the line. Regardless, that hasn’t stopped some of our favorite OTH alums from speaking out about whether or not they think a revival could work!

Check out where your favorite cast members from One Tree Hill stand on a revival below!

Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)

When we caught up with Sophia Bush in April of 2016, the Chicago P.D. star told us that she didn’t “have the opportunity to shoot another year of a series, so I don’t think it’s feasible.” But with the fate of her character, Erin Lindsay, left in limbo on the season 4 finale of Chicago P.D., there’s a chance Bush will have some free time on her hands come the fall TV season. If she does, we’re hoping she’ll work a Tree Hill revisit into her schedule.


Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)

When it comes to the idea of a revival, Chad Michael Murray is all but convinced One Tree Hill could live to see a spinoff one day. “Down the line they’ll probably do something, I’m sure,” Murray told People’s Choice when we caught up with him at the One Tree Hill convention in July. Unfortunately, the odds of Murray appearing are slim given his busy work schedule.


James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)

James Lafferty is firmly against a revival — but the actor has a pretty good reason for his opposition.“I definitely don’t think enough time has passed since the show ended for there to be some sort of One Tree Hill revival or scripted reunion kind of thing,” Lafferty told E! News back in 2015. “But you just never know what the future brings!


Shantel VanStanten (Quinn James)

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who would love to see what’s been going on with Quinn and Clay these days. The good news is, Shantel VanStanten is just as curious as OTH fans are to find out what our favorite couple is up to these days. “I would love to work with Rob [Buckley] again. I think it would be a blast,” said VanStanten when People’s Choice chatted with her at the One Tree Hill convention in July. “It would be fun…if everybody signed onto it, even Peyton [Hilarie Burton] and Lucas [Chad Michael Murray].”


Hillarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)

While some of her former co-stars might be leaving the doors open for a potential revival, Hilarie Burton knows it’s not in the cards for her. “I think we’re all in such a different place, it wouldn’t be something that I would be into,” explained Burton in an interview with Refinery 29. “That said, I would love to work with my castmates on other things.”


Bryan Greenberg (Jake Jaglieski)

There’s no denying Bryan Greenberg was a fan favorite on OTH from the get-go, so fans will surely be happy to know that if a revival ever were to happen, the actor is totally on board! When we caught up with Greenberg back in 2014, he revealed that he hadn’t heard rumblings of a revival, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be interested. “I haven’t heard of it but sure why not!” Greenberg told People’s Choice.


Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James Scott)

Bethany Lenz hasn’t said much with regards to a potential revival, but one thing the actress would be interested in is reuniting with her former co-stars on other projects! In fact, after Sophia Bush told us in March of last year that she’d love to have Lenz join her for an episode or two on Chicago P.D., Lenz made sure to let everyone know that she’d be totally down to join Bush in the Windy City. “I would love to be on Chicago P.D., are you kidding me?” Lenz told People’s Choice back in September 2016. Here’s hoping Bush can pull a few strings and make it happen— we’d love to see these two ladies share the small screen together again!

Would you like to see One Tree Hill get the revival treatment? Let us know in the comments below!


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