Stephen And Robbie Amell’s New Movie ‘Code 8’ Will Star ‘Fast & Furious’ Actor Sung Kang

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Cousins Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell will have a Fast & Furious reinforcement in their new upcoming film, Code 8.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sung Kang — who played Han in three Fast & Furious movies (including the original) — has officially joined the cast of the feature film. Han will be reprising the role he played in the Code 8 short film, which also starred Robbie.

Although Stephen was unavailable to film the short back in 2016, both Amell cousins and Kang will be acting in the feature version of the sci-fi thriller, but they won’t be on the same team. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kang’s character Agent Park is the head of the militarized police unit, who is against Connor Reed, who will once again be played by Robbie.

Code 8, which continues to be funded by donations made to an Indiegogo campaign, takes place in a world where four percent of the population has supernatural abilities. Although that sounds like a good thing, “most specials” are actually discriminated by the police force.

Robbie’s character Connor is one of the “specials,” and after committing a petty crime, the militarized police aka Kang’s character, is out to get him. The Flash star’s equally super (hero) cousin, Stephen, who plays Arrow on The CW, will play the role the ruler of the criminal world, Garrett, who Connor goes to work for to earn a living.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the rest of the cast is made up of Kari Matchett, Greg Bryk and Aaron Abrams.

Code 8 has officially begun filming, and the Amell cousins are keeping fans up to date on social media, so follow their accounts for more details!

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