Nickelodeon Might Be Reviving More Classic TV Shows

(Photo Courtesy: Nickelodeon)
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Nickelodeon has jumped on the nostalgia train!

During Nickelodeon’s Splat panel at ATX TV Festival this weekend, the network revealed that — in addition to the already greenlit revivals of  Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Invader Zim — even more classic shows will be revisited down the line.

“We feel it’s really important to honor who made the show and who started the show, so we’ve had that opportunity,” Nickelodoen’s senior vice president of production and development, and animation, Chris Viscardi said at the panel as reported by E! Online. “And a few others I can’t talk about now. It’s been a great process to work with them.”

A few more throwback series? Which ones? We need to know ASAP!

While Viscardi didn’t divulge exactly which other series were in the revival stages, he was the co-creator of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, so maybe that’s one of the shows we can hope to see revived from the network.

The good news is that no matter what series come back to life, Nickelodeon is set on making the best revivals possible, following a two-step screening process.

“I’d say there are two things. The first is that it has to be a property that we inherently has something to it tonally and comedically, character-wise and story-wise that can work for today’s audience,” Viscardi said. “Because for a lot of these properties, time has passed. It’s a different era, so we need to make sure that we feel there’s enough there…The second thing is, we would only bring back properties if the creator of the original series wanted to come back.”

We know this is a major cliffhanger from the network, but it does give us hope for a LOT of good Nickelodeon classics coming back to our TV screens. Now the question is, which shows do you want to see come back?

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