Niall Horan Is The Latest One Direction Member To Reveal He Almost Didn’t Go Solo

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)
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Remember when we told you that Liam Payne never really wanted to go solo? It turns out he’s not the only One Direction member who felt that way. Niall Horan was also a little hesitant about breaking out on his own.

In a recent interview with Notion, Horan revealed that he only thought about going solo once the band decided to take a break, but even then he wasn’t so keen on the idea.

“There was never a point where I thought about [going solo],” Horan told Notion via Just Jared.

Despite the fact that all of the One Direction members are currently working on solo material or have already released an album — cough, Harry Styles, cough — it took a while before the Irish singer decided to write music on his own.

“I wasn’t even planning on it at the start of last year, but then I just started writing songs because that’s what I knew how to do, and then I was like, ‘You know what? I like these songs; they’re very me,’” Horan explained. “So I showed them to management, and here we are.”

Thank goodness the 23-year-old singer didn’t stick to just writing, because we would’ve missed his wonderful voice!

Plus, after hearing both of Horan’s singles, “This Town,” and “Slow Hands” we are in desperate need of his solo album. The good news is it’s coming — it will hopefully be here by fall or winter — and we really can’t wait to hear all his music in one place.

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