‘Pretty Little Liars’ Stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson And More Should Join These TV Series Next

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Pretty Little Liars brought us mystery, intrigue, and of course friendship, but above all else, it made us fall in love with actresses Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse.

As much as we loved seeing these actresses bring the likes of Spencer (Mitchell), Hanna (Benson), Aria (Hale), Emily (Bellisario), and Allison (Pieterse) to life, we’re even more excited to see what’s in store for the talented stars next.

Take a look below to see where we’d like to see the Pretty Little Liars stars go from here!

Troian Bellisario to Chicago P.D.

Troian Bellisario has done an amazing job bringing Spencer’s calculating intelligence to life, so why not see how she could apply those skills elsewhere? With the season 5 finale of Chicago P.Dhinting at Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) departurethe drama may end up needing a new recruit — and who better than Bellisario to step up to the part?



Ashley Benson to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ashley Benson has proven she’s an ace when it comes to drama, but we’d love to see her show off her goofier side on a sitcom like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We can already see Benson stirring up trouble for Jake (Andy Samberg) by playing a character who somehow finds herself mixed up in one of his cases!



Lucy Hale to Nashville

While we’re excited for Lucy Hale’s CW series to debut this fall, we were not-so-secretly hoping to see her join the ranks of Nashville, where she’d be able to marry her love of acting and singing together.




Shay Mitchell to Arrow

Thanks to the years she’s spent hunting down A, it’s clear Shay Mitchell is a pro when it comes to saving the day — so just imagine what she could do with superhuman abilities. And since Oliver has his hands full on Arrow, we’re sure he’d be more than happy to have a superstarhero like Shay on his team.



Sasha Pieterse to Once Upon A Time

From Rosewood to Storybrooke? With Once Upon A Time headed for a season 7 reboot, there’s no better time for Sasha Pieterse to get in on the fairytale drama. Maybe she could even play a princess like Enchanted’s Giselle. We’re sure she’d do a great job of putting her own spin on the bubbly princess first portrayed by Amy Adams.



What do you think of our picks? Which TV shows would you cast the stars of PLL in?

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