‘Return Of Xander Cage’ Director Confirms Nina Dobrev, Deepika Padukone Set For Fourth Installment

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If you’re a big fan of xXx: Return of Xander Cage, then you’re in luck, because there’s going to be another installment coming your way with all of the cast!

On Sunday (June 11), D.J. Caruso, the director of the 2017 film, took to Twitter to tease that the next installment of the xXx trilogy — which stars Vin Diesel in the title role — will feature Nina Dobrev, Deepika Padukone and more Xander Cage alums.

The announcement came after Ruby Rose, who played Adele Wolf in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, posted a teaser message on Instagram on Friday hinting at her involvement in the upcoming movie.



“And while I’m here I can’t forget my training for Adele in xXx… but… more new exciting news on that soon ;),” Rose captioned a picture of herself hanging out with giant weapons in the desert.

A fan then asked Caruso on Twitter whether or not this meant fans would soon be getting an update on another film from the franchise. Caruso replied, “Yes meetings next week. Honing in on story and start dates.”

To make fans even more happy Caruso shared a few more details. On Twitter user asked specifically about Nina Dobrev coming back for the sequel, and the director quickly replied, “oh yes.”


Another fan wrote, “Hey sir, What’s the movie’s title? and did you replace any co-star in the sequel or that all are brought back?”

While Caruso didn’t share the movie’s title, he did make all of our movie dreams come true by addressing the casting question. “All coming back,” he wrote keeping it short, but sweet.


This means Diesel, Dobrev, Rose, Padukone, Kris Wu and more are all going to be coming back for more action, assuming they are all available for filming.

Diesel previously told Variety that Paramount was looking to make a fourth installment in the franchise.

“Well, it’s funny. I was in the middle of an interview and Brad Grey — who runs Paramount — calls me and says, ‘Will everybody come back to work in May?’ I’m like – everyone’s in interviews right now!” Diesel told Variety back in January.

What do you think about another xXx film? Would you want the whole cast back for more?

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