Stephen And Robbie Amell Reveal ‘Code 8’ Will Not Pick Up Where Short Film Left Off

(Photo: Stephen Amell/Facebook)
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Code 8 is nowhere near being released, but it’s already the most engaging film of the year, and it’s all thanks to Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell.

The two cousins have been keeping fans in the loop as they’ve been working on the upcoming sci-fi film, and on Tuesday (June 13) they did a very in depth Q&A on Facebook Live. The biggest reveal was whether or not the film would be picking up where the 2016 short film left off.

“No,” Robbie told fans during the Facebook Live session, after Stephen read him the question sent by a fan. “Mainly because well, Stephen wasn’t in the short film and he’s not the drone pilot anymore.”

“That’s right,” the Arrow actor chimed in before his cousin continued to explain what the purpose of the short film actually was.

“If you watched the short film we voiced it over, which is pretty fun,” Robbie explained. “The whole concept behind the short film was just to give you guys a proof of concept of World Builder.”

So what is the feature version of Code 8 about?

“It takes place in the same world. It’s Lincoln City. Four percent of the population is born with some type of ability,” The Flash actor alum said before Stephen again piped in yelling, “Spoilers!”

Robbie’s character will be one you recognize if you saw the short, but Stephen will be playing the ruler of the criminal world, Garrett, who Robbie’s character Connor works for in order to earn a living, because he is one of the “specials.”

“I’m playing a similar, or same character, but you get to see a different path,” Robbie added. “Stephen and I cross paths, you get to meet his character. There’s some bad guys, there’s some good guys.”

We can’t wait!

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