‘Smosh’ Star Anthony Padilla Is Leaving The YouTube Series And Fans Are Devastated

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The YouTube channel Smosh is going through a major shakeup.

On Wednesday (June 14), cofounder Anthony Padilla announced that he is leaving the Youtube comedy empire that he built with his best friend Ian Hecox.

“I’m leaving Smosh, or I guess as of today, I’ve left Smosh,” Padilla began a five-minute goodbye video that was posted to his new channel. “Smosh has been a huge part of my life, for as long as I can remember.”

The Sacramento native — who started Smosh in the early ’00s — explained that he’s leaving in part because he feels he no longer has full creative control over content posted to the channel.



“I had to come to terms with the fact that Smosh being a part of a company has put all of my creative decisions through a filter of what’s appropriate for the Smosh brand as deemed by the company,” he explained.

Padilla said the change is probably for the best.

“I need to feel that happiness again. I need to be doing what makes me happiest to wake up each morning. Right now that’s for me to do things on my own again with complete creative freedom,” he continued.

Despite the fact that he’s walking away from Smosh, he’s in no way walking away from his best friend, who will as of now continue with the brand.

“As Anthony moves on to pursue new creative endeavors, myself and everyone at Smosh are excited to see what he does next,” Hecox said in the duo’s joint announcement on their channel. “I’m really looking forward to taking Smosh to the next phase, and we can’t wait for people to see what we have coming up.”

Although Anthony and Ian promise to remain close — they’ve been friends for 19 years already — fans are having a really hard time with the news. Check out some of the bittersweet fan reactions on Twitter below.


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