Hugh Jackman Reveals Whether He Will Reprise Wolverine Role Again For ‘Deadpool 2′

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Hugh Jackman won’t be putting his Wolverine claws on again  — not even to make an appearance in the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel.

During an interview with Huffington Post, Jackman revealed once and for all whether or not he would be reprising his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 2. Despite the fact that fans have been holding out hope that Logan wouldn’t be Jackman’s last hurrah as one of the X-Men, the Australian actor revealed he’s done with his iconic character for good.

“It’s sorta out of my hands because I’m an actor who’s played Wolverine. I’m out,” Jackman told HuffPost when asked what the chances were at seeing him alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. “But if I was running the studio and someone else was playing Wolverine…”

Logan director James Mangold weighed in on the possible superhero/supermutant mashup as well.

“I’m sure that’s something they could pull together,” Mangold told the publication before revealing that it’s probably time for a new adventure for Jackman and Wolverine. “The reality for me is I’ve made two Wolverine movies in a row, so you’re talking to a guy who’s actually ready to direct Hugh Jackman in something else.”

That’s not to say Wolverine still can’t make an appearance in Deadpool 2, however. It would just have to be with a new actor in the role. In fact, Jackman has previously pitched his Logan costar Daphne Keen to takeover the part of Wolverine in future installments of the franchise. And while we can’t quite see Deadpool working well with a child, it would certainly make for an interesting on-screen dynamic!

Are you ready to say goodbye to Jackman’s Wolverine?

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