Katy Perry Is The First Twitter User To Break 100 Million Followers

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Katy Perry is officially the Queen of Twitter!

On Friday (June 16), Twitter announced that Katy Perry has become the first person to reach 100 million followers.


“Today, we #WITNESS history. Congratulations @katyperry, the first to reach 100 million followers! #LoveKaty,” Twitter wrote on Friday with a brief video showing a history of Perry on Twitter.

The social media service even created a new hashtag, #LoveKaty (which has a heart with “100” written in it) to honor the major achievement, and it is totally fitting. We heart Katy Perry, too!

Given the fact that she released her fifth studio album, Witness, last week (June 9), it’s not too surprising that the California native would get more followers, but setting the record for most Twitter followers ever with 100 million is pretty impressive.

Twitter also revealed the five emojis fans use most when tweeting about Perry, and obviously, the first one is a heart, followed by a key note. Take a look at the full list below:

The “Roar” singer wrote her first tweet back in February 2009, and eight years later she’s the lady to watch on Twitter — or at least to follow.

“Just got into Berlin… feeling better thank you, have my vicks inhaler by my bedside… and P.S. I TWITTTTER! GAH. Such a follower!”

the link to the first tweet is: https://twitter.com/katyperry/status/1232852860

“Just got into Berlin…feeling better thank you, have my vicks inhaler by my bedside… and P.S. I TWITTTTER! GAH. Such a follower!” Perry wrote in her first tweet. 

She may have started out as a follower, but today she’s the leader of Twitter! Now, all we need to know is what Perry is going to tweet next.

We’re predicting it will have to do with her new album or tour, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll be a giant shout-out to all of her followers, you know, now that she’s a record-breaking tweeter and all!

(H/T Time)

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