Stephen Amell Shares First ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Sneak Peek

(Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW)
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There’s no rest for the heroes of Starling City!

Though it’s only been a month since the season 5 finale of Arrow aired, the series’ stars are already preparing for the next chapter. On Friday (June 16), Arrow star Stephen Amell posted a sneak peek at the first script for season 6.



“Look what just landed in my inbox,” wrote Amell on Twitter along with a photo of the script for episode 601.

While the script certainly makes for a fun tease, Amell — who has been busy filming the sci-fi movie Code 8 with his cousin Robbie Amell while on a break from the show — was very careful not to reveal any spoilers. In addition to only posting the cover page of the script, he also blacked out the title of the first episode of the new season.

One thing we already know is that Amell will likely be filming another flashback to kick off the new season.

During an interview with Access Hollywood last month, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased that the first episode of season 6 will open with a flashback. When asked whether that means fans will once again be transported to the island, Guggenheim told Access Hollywood, “If you take me literally at my word, yes, back to the island.”

Fans can look forward to the fact that season 6 of the CW superhero saga will have a brand-new theme, which Amell revealed at the Heroes & Villains FanFest in May.

“The theme of season 5 was legacy,” Amell said at the panel via “From what I understand, the theme of season 6 is family.”

If those scoops aren’t enough to keep you going until Arrow returns in the fall, don’t worry. According to the script page that Amell tweeted, the show starts filming again in early July. Hopefully that means the stars will share plenty of sneak peeks from the set at what’s to come!

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