A Nickelodeon Crossover With ‘Henry Danger’ And ‘Game Shakers’ Is In The Works

(Photo Courtesy: Nickelodeon)
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What’s better than a new episode of TV these days? A crossover episode of two of your favorite shows, obviously, and thanks to Nickelodeon that’s exactly what’s happening this fall.

On Friday (June 16), Nickelodeon legend Dan Schneider, who has created a LOT of your favorite TV shows growing up — like iCarly and Victorious — announced that two of his current series are getting a crossover thanks to fan support.

“Your wish is my command: A Henry Danger & Game Shakers Crossover Episode is in the Works!” Schneider tweeted along with a link to his website for more details.

While Schneider only recently announced the news, we actually have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for teasing the crossover back in April. DeGeneres revealed on her show that not only would this crossover be happening this fall, but she also revealed that kid trainer, Demarjay, would be guest starring on it!

Now, Schneider and his team have officially confirmed all of those details and we’re SO excited about this epic crossover idea.

“Luckily for everyone, this crossover is more than just a dream — that’s right, your two favorite Nick shows are actually coming together, and like peanut butter and bacon, we predict it will be a surprisingly delicious combination,” Schneider’s behind-the-scenes website reads.

Henry Danger is a superhero comedy following a 13-year-old boy who becomes a sidekick to a local hero. Game Shakers, on the other hand, is a live-action sitcom, revolving around a gaming company and a rap superstar coming together as business partners.

While the storyline for the future episode has yet to be revealed, it’s bound to be funny based on these two show’s current content.

Now all we need to do is figure out what will happen within the episode. Sound off with your story ideas below, and who knows, maybe you’ll predict the TV future!

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