Vanessa Hudgens Reveals How ‘High School Musical’ Would Be Different Today

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High School Musical may continue to resonate with fans, but according to star Vanessa Hudgens — who played Gabriella Montez in the first three installments of the franchise — the original Disney Channel movies would look very different today.


During an interview with The Zach Sang Show, Hudgens opened up about how times have changed since the first HSM movie costarring Zac Efron debuted in 2006.

“I don’t know, it’s been a while, things change over a decade. I feel like patterns are the same in that sense things haven’t changed much [in high school], but everything surrounding [kids in school has],” Hudgens said on The Zach Sang Show when asked what they’d do differently 11 years later.

Echoing a recent comment made by Jennifer Aniston about why Friends wouldn’t work today, Hudgens pointed out how much technology has evolved since the original three movies were released.

“Like their phones. Sharpay [Ashley Tisdale] would not have a Sidekick in this day and age, she would have an iPhone,” the 28-year-old actress continued. “All the themes are very prominent in life, doesn’t matter how old you are. We’ve all been through that. I think it’s a good story.”

Considering High School Musical 4 is officially in the works (albeit without the original cast), fans will actually get to see what the world of the Wildcats will look like with in modern times.

What do you think would be different if the original High School Musical cast were to re-shoot the first movie? Sound off in the comments below!

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