‘Harry Potter’ Costume Designer Jany Temime Reveals How Evanna Lynch Influenced Luna Lovegood’s Look (INTERVIEW)

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If you, like many, have fallen in love with the elaborate costumes featured in the Harry Potter films, you’ve got none other than costume designer Jany Temime to thank. Temime has worked her magic on every film from Prisoner of Azkaban, to Deathly Hallows Part 2, but there’s one character’s look she can’t take full credit for.

People’s Choice recently caught up with Temime to talk about her partnership with Prismacolor, and to reminisce over the time she spent on Potter. Though the costumer designer worked closely with everyone on set to get a feel for what design might work for them and their character, one of the actors she spent most time with was Evanna Lynch.

Lynch, who brought the quirky Luna Lovegood to life in the films, was already a huge fan of Harry Potter before auditioning for the role at an open casting call. In fact, she was such a huge fan, that she even had tons of her own ideas with regards to what Luna should be wearing.

“You have no idea. She was so involved. She was so Luna— she was Luna before Luna. She was making [beaded] animals and bringing them to me. ‘Wear them! Wear them!’ I said,” recalled Temime, who also designed the costumes for Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies. “She was Luna from the first minute. She was always crying when the shooting was stopping— she wanted it to go on, and on.”

Though Temime revealed that it’s not uncommon for actors she works with to have some input, it’s nothing compared to Lynch’s involvement in coming up with Luna’s look. As Temime puts it, Lynch was “a very special case.” Even so, as the kids on the set of Potter grew older, Temime says she realized it was important for them to have options with regards to what they got to wear in the films.

“They all had their ideas— the girls more than the boys. The boys didn’t care,” said Temime. “And the older they became, the more involved they were in what they were wearing, and why, and how. It was sort of a competition when we did the Yule Ball.”

Temime, who came into the fold just as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and the rest of the cast were on the cusp of adolescence, says she realized right away that it was important to give the young cast choices.

“They could pick up what they wanted according to their personalities, and that was creating a sort of diversity between the kids, which was very good. [Especially] at an age where they’re discovering their personality, and personality is so important,” explained Temime.

It’s great to hear that Temime put so much thought into giving all the kids on set so many options, and we’re sure the Harry Potter cast is forever grateful that they were able to mix and match pieces on set!

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