Niall Horan Isn’t Ruling Out A One Direction Collaboration On His Debut Album

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Niall Horan has already revealed that he’s rooting for a One Direction reunion within the next five years, but it could be even sooner if one or two of his band members pop up on his upcoming solo album.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Horan said he’s not ruling not ruling out any possible collaboration on his debut solo record, including one with his former band mates.

“I’ve got a couple of songs that could potentially be something like that and fingers crossed I can get to play some stuff to people and see what happens,” Horan told Entertainment Tonight Canada when asked about possible collaborations on his yet-to-be titled solo album.

What Horan does know is that he wants to create music with other artists, because it’s not being done enough these days, and we’re totally on board with this idea.

“The whole idea of a collaboration is great. I don’t think there’s a lot of it going on in our world anyway. Not as much as it should be,” he explained.

As for whether or not one of those musical duets could include Harry Styles, Liam Payne or Louis Tomlinson, Horan isn’t entirely sure, but he’s not saying no.

“Can’t rule anything out really, can ya?” he said. “I suppose right now it would be a bit weird, but I would never rule anything out to be honest.”

A One Direction collab one Horan’s new album? Yes, please! While we know he didn’t say it would happen, we’re just happy he’s open to the idea in general. Plus, we know these guys can harmonize together, so a duet would be the perfect fit.

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