Will Ferrell Isn’t Ruling Out ‘Anchorman 3’ Just Yet

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Channel 4 News Team assemble! Will Ferrell is open to more Anchorman movies, and all comedy fans — not just San Diegians — should be happy about the possibility.

After talking about the original plotline of Anchorman on The Bill Simmons Podcast last week, Ferrell sat down with Entertainment Weekly for a Facebook Live interview and revealed once and for all where he stands on a third film featuring Ron Burgundy.

“Never say never,” Ferrell told Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday (June 21), while promoting his new film The House. “At the same time, that’s what’s really fun about those characters — it could be 10 years from now and we can still play those guys and just be older… and even dumber. So that’s the beauty of that.”

We are so happy that the comedian seems to be open to the idea of reprising his out-of-control news anchor character alongside his motley crew of costars including Paul Rudd (aka Brian Fantana), Steve Carell (aka Brick Tamland), and David Koechner (aka Champ Kind). Before you get too excited, however, the actor made it clear that making a third installment of the Anchorman franchise isn’t exactly his top priority right now.

“There are no imminent plans to return to that as of yet, because, I can’t speak for [director] Adam [McKay], but for myself, we still have a lot of other original ideas that we’d like to do,” he told the publication.

Although we’d love to see McKay at the helm of another rowdy Anchorman film, having Ferrell talk so positively about a possible third installment is a really good sign.

Would you want to see Ferrell in Anchorman 3?

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